Apinizer supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, IBM DB2, SAP SYBASE, Apache Hive, Apache Impala databases as Relational Database. These databases connect via JDBC.

Connection definition is the same for all supported databases. So this page describes how to define any relational database connection.

Database connections can be used in many places such as creating API from database, defining authentication service, API Integrations, Connector for Actions.

The image containing the necessary settings in Relational Databases is given below:

When a database connection is created, Apinizer is loaded into the Local Caches of Worker servers.

The fields used for relational databases connection configuration are shown in the table below.




The name of the created connection.


A description can be written to facilitate the management of the created configuration.
JDBC URLInformation required for a Java application to interact with the database.


Username to connect to the database.


User password to connect to database.


It is the activity information of the created database connection.

Initial Pool Size

The number of connections that will be opened when creating a pool. Its default value is: 1.

Min Pool Size

The lowest number of connections that can be found in the pool. Its default value is: 1.

Max Pool Size

The highest number of connections that can be found in the pool. Default value: 5.

Increment Count

The number of connections that will be added to the pool at a time when not idle. Its default value is: 1.

Max Statements

The maximum number of PreparedStatements to be cached per connection. Its default value is 100.

Idle Connection Test Period

Idle is the connection test time. Its default value is 30.

Max Connection Age

Maximum connection age. Default value: 180.

Max Idle Time

Maximum idle time. Its default value is 120.

Test Connection On Checkout

Must be selected for test connection to occur during checkout.

Test Connection On Checkin

It must be selected for the test connection to occur at checkin.