Apinizer, API Integrator & Task Flow Manager module enables the creation of workflows that allow one or more endpoints to work sequentially by connecting to each other.

In Apinizer, the process in which the flow runs works headless.

Audit records of the actions to be executed in case of each task and error in the flow and their detailed information can be kept and examined.

Each task in the flow can generate its own result by processing the result of the previous task.

Trigger options

The flow can be run in real time with the following trigger options.

  • Manual (On-Demand) startup
  • Creating a job scheduler and running it by automating it at certain intervals
  • Trigger by sending request to REST Endpoint of task flow
  • Trigger task flow by creating actions

Task types

If the flow is completed unsuccessfully, any of the following task types can be notified by defining an action.

  • Sending an e-mail
  • Making an API Call
  • Dealing with the Database Connector
  • Running Linux Scripts
  • Running Scripts (JavaScript, Groovy)

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Advantages of creating task flow with Apinizer

  • Creating tasks with form-based interfaces
  • Define an unlimited number of tasks that can be run as a chain
  • Running with once and loop support for each task
  • Create reusable task flows
  • Monitoring the details of each task with the reporting of the work history of the task flow and the detailed monitoring option

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