Things to do for Kubernetes Master:

#Change ip's in the following files  /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf
#Existing certificates are deleted cd /etc/kubernetes/pki
rm -rf apiserver.* apiserver-kubelet-client.*

#New certificates are created (some errors can be ignored on these commands)
sudo kubeadm init phase certs apiserver-kubelet-client
sudo kubeadm init phase certs apiserver

sudo systemctl restart kubelet

#Move current config file under user for current user's access
sudo cp -i /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf $HOME/.kube/config
sudo chown $(id -u):$(id -g) $HOME/.kube/config

Things to do for MongoDB:

#Connecting to MongoDB mongo  mongodb://<YOUR_NEW_MONGO_IP_ADDRESS>:25080 --authenticationDatabase "admin" -u "apinizer" -p

#New ip settings are given with "force" option
cfg = rs.conf()
cfg.members[0].host = "<YOUR_NEW_MONGO_IP_ADDRESS>:25080"
rs.reconfig(cfg, {force:true})