Converting certificate files to jks format with keystore explorer (KSE)

Pfx file opens with KSE.

Right click on the file and select export key pair.

Keypair is exported in pkcs12 format with p12 extension.

JKS type is selected with the Create new file option.

With the import key pair option, the previously exported p12 file is imported into the created file:

Optional alias can be entered. It should be noted that if there are other certificates with the same alias, they should not be overwritten.

A new password is given, the point to be noted is that the given password and the jks password must be the same, if there is no password, jks must not have a password either.

Then right click on the imported keypair and select export certificate chain option:

When exporting, the Entire Chain and X.509 options must be selected.

Afterwards, this exported certificate is imported to jks. Optional alias can be entered. Note that if there is a certificate with the same alias, it should not be overwritten.

Finally, it should be like this:

The file is closed by saving it with the password given to the keypair.