With Apinizer Management APIs, you can perform many operations without the need for a screen application and integrate Apinizer into your Devops environment.

The base address of Apinizer Management APIs (referred to as "management_console_url" in the documents) is obtained by adding "apiops" to the end of the address where the Apinizer Manager application is running.

For example, if the Manager Application is running at https://demo.apinizer.com the API base address will be https://demo.apinizer.com/apiops/.

All endpoints under this address, except the test endpoint, can be accessed with a Personnel Access Token. Additionally, each endpoint may require different permissions based on the operation it performs.

This section explains in detail how to use these Administrative APIs.

You can also visit https://demo.apinizer.com/apiops/openapi or https://demo.apinizer.com/apiops/openapi.yaml to see the spec files online.