Downloading Apinizer Installation Files

Apinizer Images

  • If you want to download the ready version, you can use the link below:
Version: 2022.10.1 (1.64 GB)

  • Or you can use the commands below to download a specific version yourself and transfer it to the relevant server (Manager, Worker and Cache are images that may be required depending on your common, Integration and Portal license).

For Docker

sudo docker pull apinizercloud/manager:2022.xx.1
sudo docker save apinizercloud/manager:2022.xx.1 > manager_2022.xx.1.tar

sudo docker load < manager_2022.xx.1.tar 

For Containerd

sudo ctr -n images list | grep apinizer
sudo ctr --namespace images pull
sudo ctr -n images export manager_2022.xx.1.tar
sudo ctr images import manager_2022.xx.1.tar 

For package names and downloadable versions: