Date of version: February 1, 2022

Important Enhancements and Modifications

  • API Proxy Group Access Control List can be created for the Credential.
  • Views of detail and stack trace information were arranged on Application Logs screen.
  • The vulnerability caused by Log4J is permanently fixed.
  • The definitions created on Privacy Management can be applied to form-data type data.

Bug Fixes

Issue No



 The data for the Backend API Authentication Policy and the WS-Security From Target Policy appear to be incorrect.


Although there are mandatory fields, empty values can be entered when a new query or filter is wanted to be added on the Anomaly Detector by Query and the Report Generator screens.


The passwords in the input fields on the Backend API Authentication Policy and the Backup Management Configuration screens only appear as masked.

APNZ-2689Password required fields in the Backend API Authentication Policy are encrypted more than once.
APNZ-2628Autocomplete field in the CORS component throws database error.
APNZ-2684The republishing operation on the Gateway Environments screen does not work stable.
APNZ-2683When copy-paste is made to the host alias field on the Gateway Environments screen, it creates newline and space characters.
APNZ-2682Boxes showing information of status of Index Templates turn red when an edit is made to Elasticsearch Clusters.
APNZ-2681Since there is no TLS 1.2 support in databases before MSSQL 2014, Db-2-Api created with these connection definitions gives TLS error.

A non-functional component appears on the CORS Headers screen.

APNZ-2670The log information selected on the Token Requests screen is coming late.
APNZ-2664Apinizer is not logged when a request is made with a relative path that does not exist to the access address.
APNZ-2660API Proxy Group paging part is not visible.
APNZ-2656The Roles field in the Authorization Policy is not working properly.
APNZ-2655In the Authorization Policy, the appearance of the roles component falls under another component.
APNZ-2622HTTPs requests sent through the management console to the Elasticsearch cluster are not going.
APNZ-2615The API Based Throttling Policy is not selected from global policy list on the API Proxy screen.
APNZ-2613The API Spec Creator does not allow creating endpoints from special characters.
APNZ-2563The project information assigned to the Gateway Environment does not appear complete.
APNZ-2717Unpublished environments do not appear on the API Proxy and the Proxy Group screens.