With the Allowed IP List Policy, a list of IPs or IP ranges is defined so that only requests from IPs in this list are accepted.

While checking the IP in Apinizer, the Request Header value, if any, set in the X-Forwarded-For policy is checked first. If this policy does not exist, the Remote Address value of the client is checked.

While controlling the IP in Apinizer, the value at Network Level7 is checked. If it is desired to control the value at Network Level4, appropriate software or hardware should be used.

The image containing the policy settings is given below:

The policy fields are shown in the table below.



DescriptionAn optional description of the policy that may be useful for usage and management activities.
Allowed IP List

The characters ('*' and '-') can be used to specify an IP range. For example:

  • The value '10.3.10.*' indicates IPs between '' and ''.
  • The value '' refers to IPs from '' to '' (including 4 and 18).

After adding the IP, the "enter" key should be pressed.

IP Groups

One or more IP Groups can be added to the policy. All IPs in the IP Group are added to the policy.

(You can visit IP Groups page for more information about IP Groups.)

You can visit the Policies page for the details of the Conditions and Error Message Customization panels.