The Developer's Guide covers all non-administrative tasks that can be performed using the API Manager.

What can be done under which menu item is summarized below:

  • Design: API design and API Spec file creation
  • Development: Creating, configuring, deploying, versioning, undeploying API Proxies and API Proxy groups, developing no/low code APIs with API Creator, creating and managing workflows with Integrator
  • Testing: Testing API Proxies or external APIs, saving and repeating tests
  • Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of API proxies or external APIs and taking predetermined actions in case of problems
  • Analytics: Examining log records of API Proxy traffic
  • Reports: Examining reports
  • Identity Management: Management of clients'/API Consumers' credentials as well as access control lists
  • Connection Management: Managing connections to external resources such as database servers, LDAP servers and others
  • Scheduled Jobs: Displaying, temporarily or completely stopping, restarting jobs that are run by scheduling, such as Monitors or Task Flows
  • Auditing: Monitoring who did what work when, or what access key was given to which client when
  • Export/Import: Export/import of API Proxies within the project and export of global policies or the project with all its assets
  • Project Settings: Managing the project structure, users and teams, exporting/importing

In the Developer Guide, in parallel with Apinizer API Manager interface, some concepts that are not customized under any menu are explained as appropriate.