With the Export/Import Wizard, API Proxies within the project are exported/imported, global policies or the project is exported with all its assets.

The main purpose of Export/Import is to integrate the configuration into another project or Apinizer in another environment.

Example usage scenarios;

  • Suppose there are two Apinizer applications physically installed in two different environments, production and test, due to access restriction. The production environment serves the clients, and the test environment serves the software developers. API Proxy and applied policies and configurations in the test environment are required to be applied in the production environment. Then the API Proxy in the test environment is exported. The configuration files created afterward are applied to the production environment.
  • Configuration changes can be tracked. In other words, the institution may want to monitor the differences in policy settings due to security rules. For this, the exported policy, API Proxy or the configuration file of the project must be added to the CI process.