This section describes the screens where the credentials of the clients that will access API Proxy are managed.

Optionally, the information about which contract/protocol the client was created with, the institution/organization that the client is affiliated with and the roles it may have are also managed on these screens.

The client does not always have to be defined on Apinizer. If you already have your own user pool while using Apinizer and you do not want to migrate this pool to Apinizer, Apinizer allows you to connect to these pools with Identity Providers and to do the authorization process from your own providers.

IP Groups are defined and managed for use throughout the project.

  • All credentials defined within the project can only be accessed within the project for which they are defined.
  • If it is desired to access the defined credential from all projects, the definition must be made under the administration menu.
  • A credential defined under the Administration menu can only be used as read-only in the project.