The access permissions of the credentials of the clients that will access the API Proxies defined in Apinizer and the details of these permissions are managed on this page.

The credential access permission alone is not sufficient to access the API proxy.

In order for the settings in the credential and access permission to take effect, one of the authentication policies must be added on the API Proxy and the Security Manager option must be selected as the authentication method in this policy.

On this page, as in the image below, all API Proxies belonging to the project in which the authorized application user is included are listed, optionally filterable.

To operate on an API Proxy, press the button marked with red above to go to the detail screen of the relevant API Proxy, as in the image below.

This screen contains the list of Credentials previously granted access for API Proxy.

To add a new Credential, the button marked in red is pressed, as in the image above.

When the Add button is pressed, the credentials defined in the project or defined from the management menu are listed as in the image below.

On this screen, one or more credentials can be granted access to API Proxy at the same time.

After granting access to the credential for API Proxy, it returns to the page with the list of credentials granted access to API Proxy:

To make API Proxy specific settings of the credential, click the Edit button marked in red on this page.

The fields used for the access configuration are shown in the table below.



Expires On

If this date value is entered, the Credential will be unable to access the API Proxy as of this date (effective from 00.00 at night). If it is empty, it will continue to access the API Proxy unless it becomes inactive.

The arrival of this date only restricts access to this API Proxy, it does not make any changes in accessing other API Proxies.

Environment List

Allows entering Quota and Throttling values ​​specifically for the environment in which API Proxy is installed.


The specified environment-specific quota value of the API Proxy.


The specified environment-specific throttling value of the API Proxy.

Disallowed Methods

Regardless of the roles of the credential, if it is desired not to access any method of the API Proxy, the methods that the API Proxy wants to be disabled are selected here. By default, all methods of API Proxy can be accessed with the credential.

Save and Deploy

After the settings/changes are completed, the settings are activated by pressing the Save and Deploy button.