With this policy, the part of the message to be encrypted, the part to which this part will be added after it is encrypted, the encryption algorithm and encryption key are selected and the content encryption process is performed.

Multiple encryption operations can be performed with different settings in a message.

The image containing the policy settings is given below:

The policy fields are shown in the table below.




A description can be written to facilitate the use and management of the policy.

Encryption Definitions

This is the section where the settings of the fields to be signed of the message are set. More than one can be added.

The image containing the settings of the Encryption Fields is given below:

The fields used for the configuration of the encryption fields are shown in the table below.


Short Description

A short description of this encryption definition can be entered.

Part of Message

A Variable is selected or defined to determine the part of the message to be encrypted.

Encrypted Content's Location

A Variable is selected or defined to determine the section in which the encrypted content will be placed in the message.


The encryption algorithm is selected:

  • AES CBC NoPadding
  • AES CBC PKCS5Padding
  • AES ECB NoPadding
  • AES ECB PKCS5Padding
  • DES CBC NoPadding
  • DES CBC PKCS5Padding
  • DES ECB NoPadding
  • DES ECB PKCS5Padding
  • DESede CBC NoPadding
  • DESede CBC PKCS5Padding
  • DESede ECB NoPadding
  • DESede ECB PKCS5Padding
  • RSA ECB PKCS1Padding
  • RSA ECB OAEPWithSHA1 And MGF1Padding
  • RSA ECB OAEPWithSHA256 And MGF1Padding

Variable for Algorithm

A variable is selected or defined to get the name of the algorithm of the message.

Encoded Key

The key to be used for encryption is selected or generated.

IV Exist

The IV Exist to be used for decryption is selected.

IV Encoded Types

If the IV Available option is selected, an IV Encoding is selected:

  • Base64
  • Hexadecimal

IV in Message

If the IV Exist option is selected, an IV Variable is selected or defined.

Encoding for Encrypted Content

Select the encoding of the decrypted content:

  • Base64
  • Hexadecimal

To learn more about adding or managing new Keys or Certificates, you can visit the Secret Manager page.

You can visit the Policies page for the details of the Conditions and Error Message Customization panels.