The function of a project is to group and manage all assets related to designing, publishing, developing and analyzing a group of APIs.

That's why the project structure is one of the most important structures of Apinizer.

API Proxies categorized under one purpose and associated connections and configurations make the API lifecycle management easy.

Apinizer provides a Default project on initial setup. This Default project cannot be edited or deleted.

After the project definition is made, members are generally defined according to their roles. Click here for detailed information about member identification.

Project Creation

All projects in Apinizer can be viewed from the Administration → Projects screen or a new project can be created.

A project can be created in two ways:

  1. A new project can be defined with the Create button.
  2. It can be created by loading a project from an existing project configuration file by clicking the Import Project link.

The picture below shows the project list:

Which member has which role can be seen on this screen.

If the user with the Project Owner role is deleted from that project; The Admin user becomes the Project Owner for that project.

The picture below shows the project settings:

The fields used for the project configuration are shown in the table below.




This field will be visible on the screen when an exported version of an existing project is to be imported as a new project with the "File Upload" link and is used for uploading the .zip file to be imported.


It is the project name information for the created project.


It is a project-specific abbreviated key used for the generated project.

Since the project name can be long, the key value that defines the project makes it easy to manage the project names.

By default, it is automatically generated according to the first 3 characters of the project name.

Enable Relative Path

If a common prefix is ​​desired for all gateway addresses within the project, it is activated.

Relative Path

The prefix expression that will start the gateway addresses of all Gates to be defined in the project is entered in this field. An automatic UUID is given by the system.

E.g; In case the project gateway address is "account", the API proxy gateway address looks like this:/account/proxy1


A description can be written to facilitate the management of the created project.


Avatar can be uploaded for the created project.