Apinizer keeps its API Traffic transaction logs on Elasticsearch by default.

However, sometimes in institutions, since the disk resources that Apinizer will need are not met, or different strategic management concerns it may be requested to send the logs to 3rd party tools/systems instead of Elasticsearch. 

In this case, Syslog settings can be activated to transfer logs to target system.

The picture below shows the Syslog settings:

The fields used for Syslog configuration are shown in the table below.



The name of the setting to be made.

Protocol Type

The protocol to be used is selected. Options: UDP, TCP.

Server Hostname

The IP or access address of the Syslog server.
PortPort information of the Syslog server. Its default value is 514.

Message Hostname


Message Format

The format of the message to be sent. Options: RFC_3164, RFC_5424 , RFC_5425

App Name

Application name to be kept for logs to be sent.


Default value: Audit.


Default value: Informational.

Enable SSL

It should be selected if the connections to the Syslog server are to be made via https.


Time to wait for timeout. The gender is milliseconds. Its default value is 500.

Enabled Fields

With this setting, the fields to be sent to syslog in the transaction log can be selected.

Size limitations can be set for long text fields in the transaction logs.

If the size of the data to be logged will be over 1KB, the default "max file size" feature of the Syslog server should be changed according to the expected log sizes!

Max Undelivered Message Count in Database

If the syslog is offline or cannot be accessed, the log records which can not be sent to syslog are stored in the local database. This setting defines the number of log entries that can be kept in the database. The default value is set to 10,000.

-RFC-3164 message format with UDP protocol,
-Message format with RFC-5424 TCP protocol,
-RFC-5425, TCP protocol and security-enabled message format

It is recommended to use;
The maximum message size for UDP is 1024 bytes. If the message size is over 1024 bytes, the TCP protocol should be preferred if possible, since the messages will be divided and data loss may occur.