With the Uptime Monitor, the Proxy's uptime within the specified time period can be monitored and actions that will take place under certain conditions can be added.

The picture below shows the Uptime Monitor settings:

The fields used for the uptime monitor configuration are shown in the table below.




The name of the created monitor.


A description can be written to facilitate the management of the created configuration.


Used to activate or suspend the monitor.

Select From Collection

You can choose from here to fill the method, url and other request information of a test created on the test screen.


Http Method Type information of the URL to test.


The URL of the desired endpoint can be entered or selected from existing proxies or saved test data.


The parameter to be added to the Url can be entered from this field instead of adding it to the Url.


A header can be added to the request by entering the Header Name and Header Value to be added to the request.


The body can be entered for the request.


Use Timeout For Assertion

This option is selected to use the timeout value in the Settings tab for confirmation.

Assert Result Status Code

Result status code must be entered to confirm when activated

Expected Result Status Code

It is used for confirmation. Default Value: 200.

Assert Result Body

When the result body is activated, the expected result body is entered to confirm.

Assert Result XPath

An XPath and expected XPath result are entered to confirm when XPath Result is activated.

Assert Result JsonPath

When JsonPath Result is activated, a JsonPath and expected JsonPath result are entered to confirm.



The expected timeout is entered in seconds. Default value: 30 seconds.

Enable Certificate

It can be selected if a certificate is desired to be used while sending the request.

Retry On Fail

Retry Count

Delay Between Requests


The waiting time between requests is entered in seconds. Default value: 3.


It enables the selection of the action to be taken when the created monitor is operated. You can visit this page for detailed information about the actions.


The operating frequency of the monitor created with the Job Scheduler is determined.


The retention period of the log records is selected. Default value: 1 day. Possible values:

  • 1 day
  • 5 days
  • 10 days

The picture below shows the Uptime Monitor status summary:

The work records and results of the monitor are detailed in the picture.