Date of version: July 1, 2021

New Features

API Proxy Template

With the API Proxy Template that can be defined for each project, it is ensured that all API Proxies in that Project are created in accordance with the determined template. Thus, API Developers' work can be reduced by making definitions such as Cache, CORS, Authentication, Error Response Template, Forwarded IP Header Parameter, API Based Quota and API Based Throttling, which are common to all or most API Proxies. The features that come with the API Proxy Template can be changed for any API Proxy. For detailed information and usage, see the API Proxy Template page.

Mock API Creator

With Mock API Creator, Mock APIs that return predefined responses for requests can be created easily and quickly. These responses can be customized based on circumstances. The RESTful Mock APIs thus created can be used for purposes such as prototyping or testing. For detailed information and usage, see the Mock API page.

Important Enhancements and Modifications

  • In API Creator → DB-2-API module, parameter definition feature in the form of a list has been added to support IN queries.
  • Cursor return value for Oracle database is added.

Bug Fixes

Issue NoDescription

Elasticsearch authentication error.

APNZ-2480Parameters do not exist in example messages of Soap2Rest API Proxy.
APNZ-2479Mock API reparse operation deletes the conditions.
APNZ-2477Error in backend digest authentication policy.
APNZ-2476 Incomplete definition of API Proxies in Privacy Manager
APNZ-2475Save button is enabled even the element name is empty at Privacy Manager interface.
APNZ-2472Error messages in Soap2Rest transformation interface are not visible.
APNZ-2469Response values in DB-2-API's API Spec Files for Swagger and/or Open API 3.0.x contain errors.

New method added to DB-2-API definition does not appear in API Spec of the DB-2-API.

APNZ-2454API Developer of an Project cannot delete an API Proxy. API Manager cannot see the global policies.
APNZ-2453Null error exists if Mail Connector's body field contains {{}}. 
APNZ-2441DB-2-API's OUT parameters of a Stored Procedure are listed within IN parameters in API Spec of the DB-2-API.