In the API Traffic tab, the message traffic of the API Proxy can be viewed and filtered, and the log records of each message can be examined.

By clicking the Advanced Search button, a panel opens that will allow the records to be filtered by various information such as a certain time period, endpoint or HTTP method.

Each of the log records appearing in the table belongs to a request from the client to this API Proxy and the response message to that request. The following actions can be taken regarding this message.

Detailed View

The first of the buttons at the end of the row of the request message to be examined opens a popup window that displays the log records of that message.


In the window that opens, it is seen that the logs are divided into sections related to the message flow. When the name of the section (for example, Request From Client to API Proxy section) is clicked on, the log records for this area are displayed. By default, the Overview section is turned on.


The button next to the Detailed View button displays the log records in JSON format.


The Detailed View fields are shown in the table below.


It is also possible to examine in more detail by downloading the log records.

Quick Test

The Quick Test button on the corresponding row opens the Test Console. It is pre-configured so that the sent request can be resent and tested immediately.