The filter definition includes criteria such as should match the logs when the query is run, search in certain API Proxies, restrict according to the result type of the request (successful, unsuccessful, blocked), etc.

It is generally used with queries.

Creating a Filter

The image containing the Filter settings is given below:

The fields used for Filter configuration are shown in the table below.



NameIt is the filter name information for the created filter.
DescriptionA description can be written to facilitate the management of the created filter.
ProxiesProxies to which the filter will be applied are selected. If no Proxy is selected, the filter is applied to all Proxies.
Date RangeThe date range for which the filter will work is selected.
Result TypeThe result type information of the request process can be selected to filter the log records.

Order List

Sorting conditions can be added over the fields from the log record to sort the query result.