When you want to update or delete the active project information, it is done on this page.

To perform these operations, it is necessary to have the Project Owner or System Administrator role.

Project Update

Creating a new project is done through the admin menu. Click to get detailed information.

Editing and deleting the existing project can be done from the project menu.

The picture below shows the project settings:

The fields used for the project configuration are shown in the table below.




It is the project name information for the created project.


It is a project-specific abbreviated key used for the generated project.

Since the project name can be long, the key value that defines the project makes it easy to manage the project names.

By default, it is automatically generated according to the first 3 characters of the project name.

Enable Relative Path

It is activated to manually assign or change the project-based gateway address.

Relative Path

The root gateway address from which gateway addresses of all Gateways to be defined within the project will begin. An automatic UUID is given by the system.

E.g; /myproject/proxy1


A description can be written to facilitate the management of the created project.


Avatar can be uploaded for the created project.

Project Deletion

Click the Delete Project button on the Advanced tab of the project. After confirming the operation in the dialog that opens, the project and all information related to the project are deleted.

When you delete a project, all assets (API Proxies, Connection Configurations, Credentials, etc.) and configuration information belonging to that project will be deleted.