It is used to convert JSON data coming from or returning to the client into a different format.

If this policy is used in the request line (Client → API Proxy → API), the message body from the client is transformed and transmitted to the Backend API.

If it is used in the response line (API → API Proxy → Client), the result is transmitted to the client by applying transformation on the message body returned from the Backend API.

The use of this policy makes sense if the message body from the client is JSON.

Apinizer uses the Jolt library for JSON conversions. For detailed information, you can visit the Jolt page.

The image containing the policy settings is given below:

The policy fields are shown in the table below.




An optional description of the policy that may be useful for usage and management activities.
JoltJolt script required for conversion is entered.

For detailed information on how to test Jolt scripts written for message transformation, you can visit the JSON Transformer page.

You can visit the Policies page for the details of the Conditions and Error Message Customization panels.