This page explains how to configure LDAP/Active Directory connection settings.

LDAP connections can be used in many places, such as defining an authentication service, accessing the Apinizer Management Console.

The picture below shows the connection settings:

The fields used for LDAP connection configuration are shown in the table below.




The name of the created connection.


A description can be written to facilitate the management of the created configuration.

Server Address

It is the link address of the LDAP Server. Sample: ldap://localhost:389

Certificate Status

The certificate requirement for the LDAP connection and, if necessary, where the user information is to be obtained from the certificate are specified.

  • Not Required
  • Required CN
  • Required AN PN


The certificate required for the LDAP connection is selected or a new certificate is created.

For the certificate, see.


It is the username of the created client user.


It is the password information of the created client user.
Base DN

Enter the root from which LDAP searches will be initiated.