Due to its structure, Apinizer classifies API Proxy and API Proxy Groups under Projects.projectName

For detailed information about the projects, you can visit the Project page.

For this reason, an API Proxy or API Proxy Group can only be created under Project.

Listing projects with Project APIs API Proxy/API Proxy Group operations such as saving, deleting, updating, listing can be done.

1.Get All Projects

Description/Purpose: After successful access to this service, the projects in which the user is authorized in Apinizer are listed.

Permission: Access to this service requires the user to have any role in the project.

Endpoint: https://<management_app_url>/apiops/projects/

HTTP Method: GET

Request Headers: 


< Access Token >

Tokens are required to access this endpoint.

For detailed information on how to get tokens, you can visit the Authentication page.


Request Body: (none)


StatusStatus CodeDescriptionBody

successful operation

    "resultList": [
            "description""description text"

Error400bad request{
Error401not authorized for this operation


Error500internal error{

2.API Proxy APIs

For detailed information, you can visit the API Proxy APIs page.

3.API Proxy Group APIs

For detailed information, you can visit the API Proxy Group APIs page.

4.Credential APIs

For detailed information, you can visit the Credential APIs page.