When adding users as members to a project, the Team feature is used to avoid defining user roles repeatedly for each project.

"Team" is created for the collective management of users and user roles are defined on this team.

Click here to learn how you can add a team to any project as a member.

Creating a New Team

The picture below shows the Team Creation settings:

The fields used for the tooling configuration are shown in the table below.




Team name information for the created team.


A description can be written to facilitate the management of the created team.


Members are users defined in Apinizer. Team members can be added by searching among users by name.


Roles determine the authority of the members in the team. Members in the team may also have different roles from each other; however, the recommended usage of the feature is to group members with the same role. The role is added by selecting the checkbox of the relevant role. To add all roles, select the checkbox next to the role search field.

The deleted team is also deleted from the active projects by the system.