Users who will work in roles such as API Developer, API Analytics, Project Owner, System Administrator or manage the platform in Apinizer must be defined to Apinizer.

There are two types of users system-wide; User and Admin.

  • The user has only login authority in Apinizer and is only authorized to make transactions within the scope of his/her role(s) in the project to which he/she is added as a member.
  • The user with the System Administrator role has the authority to perform all operations in Apinizer.

The user can have different roles in different projects. For example, you can have API Developer role in project A, API Analytics role in project B, API Developer and API Analytics roles in project C. 

Similarly, different roles can be defined for different teams of a user.

Click to learn how you can add a user to any project as a member.

Creating a New User

The picture below shows the user creation settings:

The fields used for user creation configuration are shown in the table below.



User Login Type

It is the selection of the source to which the user will log in.

If its value is "Database", it means that all information will be defined in Apinizer user pool.

If its value is "LDAP", it means that "username and password" information will be verified over the selected LDAP connection during login, other information will be kept in the database.

It is necessary for the users of LDAP type to be kept in the Apinizer database, even partially, in order to define the role and grant access to the project. Users in this situation must be registered in this list with the username in the LDAP pool.

For detailed information on how to enable login settings with LDAP, click here.


Username used to log in.


This field becomes visible if the User Input Type is database.

The password defined for the user.

Search in LDAP

This fields becomes visible if the User Input Type is LDAP.

By searching LDAP according to the entered username value, matching user information is automatically displayed.

Full Name

The user's name and surname.


The user's e-mail address.


It is the choice of the roles to be given to the user. The checkbox must be checked to grant system administrator privileges to the user.

  • System Admin: It can manage all operations that can be performed on the Apinizer Management Console. Only the user with this authority can perform the administration-based operations of the application, especially in the Administration menu.
  • Portal Manager: User with this authority can perform API creation, accounts, credentials and portal settings based on Portal Management on the console.
  • Analyzer: The user with this authority manages the processes of creating graphs, usage summaries, queries and preparing reports in the Analytics module.
LockedIt is the information of whether the user's login is locked or not. When the limit of the set Captcha verification number is reached, the locked user can be unlocked again here.

The deleted user is also deleted by the system from the teams the user is in and the projects the user is a member of.