Date of version: March 1, 2021

New Features

Cloning an API Proxy 

Added the ability to clone an API Proxy so that a new API Proxy with the same settings can be created by another name. Cloning an API Proxy is a very useful method especially for a new version of an API Proxy that is desired to be opened from a different address. For detailed information and usage, see the API Proxy List -> Cloning an API Proxy section.

Single and Distributed Load Balancing

Added Single and Distributed options for Load Balancing in the API Proxy Routing section.

Single: Each Worker server keeps Routing information on itself for load balancing. Thus, a serious performance increase is achieved in the routing process. However, it does not guarantee 100% compliance with the chosen algorithm (Round Robin, LRU, Weighted, etc.) while the load is distributed among the Worker servers.

Distributed: During load balancing, distributed cache is used to decide which Worker server to send the request to. Thus, it guarantees 100% compliance with the chosen algorithm (Round Robin, LRU, Weighted etc.) while the load is distributed among the Worker servers. However, its performance is worse than the Single option.

For detailed information and usage, see the Routing Tab -> Load Balancing section.


APICrypt provides encrypted communication by passing the request/response messages through an HSM device. For detailed information and usage, see the APICrypt section.

Syslog Integration

With Syslog Integration, log records can be written to Syslog and integrated with central log systems. For detailed information and usage, see the Syslog Ayarı section.

Empty API

Empty API enables API Proxy creation for API/Web Services without API definition file. In this way, code-first developed APIs can be published easily via Apinizer. For detailed information and usage, see the Creating an API Proxy -> Empty API section.

Test Araçları

Test tools can be used to send a request to an API/Web Service and see if a response is returned or the content of the response is as expected. Thus, it is possible to perform tests quickly without leaving the Apinizer environment. For detailed information and usage, see the Test page.

Test History

A history is kept for all tests performed. It is possible to run the same tests using records from history.

Test Collection

As test usage increases, it can become harder to use the Test History. By preparing Test Collections, it is possible to save test definitions by grouping, thus making them more manageable.

Test within Log Records

If there are requests that get errors, they can be repeated immediately from within the interface displaying the logs. Thus, retesting can be done quickly and easily by directly repeating the request that caused the error, without any additional test definition or a search operation among the tests.

Expired Token Cleaner

Created a task that automatically deletes expired tokens held in the database. Apinizer administrator can stop this task or make it run again at any time from the Administration -> Scheduled Jobs menu. For detailed information and usage, see the Scheduled Jobs page.

Important Enhancements and Modifications

  • Task Flow ekranında ilgili Task Flow için açılacak Endpoint varsayılan olarak pasif geliyor, kullanıcı isterse aktif hale getirebiliyor. 
  • Soap1.1 servisinde SOAPAction header yoksa WSDL'da tarif edilen SOAPAction otomatik olarak ekleniyor.
  • Admin menüsündeki Error Message ekranı kolay tanımlamalar için düzeltildi.
  • Veri tabanı konektörleri için JDBC URL Template'in varsayılan olarak gelmesi sağlandı.
  • Test Konsolu ve Test Araçları, uygulama içinde her yerden kolay ulaşılabilecek şekilde üst menüye eklendi.
  • Global poliçelerde değişiklik olduğunda aynı ekranda onu kullanan tüm API Proxy'lerin gösterilip redeploy yapılabilmesi sağlandı.

Bug Fixes

Issue NoDescription
APNZ-2034An error occurs in the browser's console when pulling the API Proxy list for the Test Console.
APNZ-2111LDAP Authentication Provider's advanced setting section has errors in the test part.
APNZ-2114Errors occur while updating the Integrator Environment.
APNZ-2121Body type parameters do not appear in the DB-2-API Spec file.
APNZ-2021It sends mail even though the email action is disabled.
APNZ-2096Errors occur on the Heartbeat Monitor screen.
APNZ-2136When only '/' is written in Apinizer rootcontext,  null error occurs on the Service Access Address.
APNZ-2138In the Business Rule policy, selecting "Condition is empty" throws an error at runtime.
APNZ-2150An error occurs when the statusCode is entered on the Script Policy screen.
APNZ-2152Encoding error occurs while sending JSON data in Query Parameter.
APNZ-2148If an error is received while testing the script policy, the error message disappears before the user can read it.
APNZ-2154When API Proxy tabs are first opened on API Traffic, API Analytics and Audit pages, not only the selected API Proxy's, but also other API Proxies information is displayed.
APNZ-2156In Policy Error Message configuration, API Proxy gives an error when data is entered in only one of the three fields.
APNZ-2202In the Analytics tab of API Proxy, proxyTime, backendTime and totalTime values show the values of the wrong fields.
APNZ-2208Error occurs when adding Code to a response message in API Design.
APNZ-2226Even if method/endpoint is disabled in API Proxy, response is returned.