SAML Authentication policy is used to authenticate messages sent with SAML token.

The use of this policy makes sense if the message body from the client is XML.

The image containing the policy settings is given below:

The policy fields are shown in the table below.




An optional description of the policy that may be useful for usage and management activities.

Create a New Key Store

A new key store is added to be used for validation of the SAML token. (Please visit the KeysKey Stores page for the details of adding or managing new Key Stores)

Key Store

The key store to be used for validation of the SAML token is selected from the list. 

Allow Unknown Signer

When this option is checked, certificates from unknown sources are allowed.

Clear SAML

When this option is checked, the SAML element is cleared from the message body.

Appears if the Clear SAML option is selected. An XPath expression is entered, indicating the SAML section in the message body.

You can visit the Policies page for the details of the Conditions and Error Message Customization panels.