Date of version: December 7, 2022

This document contains New Features, Important Enhancements, Modifications, Removed Features and Bug Fixes for version 2022.12.1.

New Features

APNZ-3319 By adding the Code Snippet tab to the Test Console, from now on the necessary code to send the request over cURL can be generated. See.

Important Enhancements and Modifications

APNZ-3314 Improved the queries of the Request Address and Routing Address fields in the Basic tab in the API Proxy Traffic page search panel. See.

In order to make these improvements, it is recommended to reindex the old indexes so that the old data can be searched on these fields, since the Index Mapping Type has changed. For reindexing, See.

APNZ-3311 The ignoring setting of the Error response template has been managed via API Proxy Group. See.

APNZ-3304 The user experience of the API Proxy Group page was improved. See.

APNZ-3303 The user experience of the dialog with IP Group selection was improved .

APNZ-3298 Nodes were listed on the Kubernetes Resources page. See.

APNZ-3281 Endpoints tab was added to API Proxy Group screen to list and filter all method/endpoints and view their details.See.

Removed Features

APNZ-3292 The type field (Prod, Test, Sandbox) from Environment was removed .  

Bug Fixes

Issue No



In methods which are prepared with Select SQL Statement over DB-2-API page, when null values are sent to bit and int type fields, false or 0 values are received when null values should be received in the response.

APNZ-3324When editing (policy etc.) is done on API Proxy, it uses the previous value of the edited routing address.

When existing query was selected in Advanced Search tab on the API Proxy Traffic screen, all results are displayed and the query does not work.

APNZ-3316When new policy was added after editing Endpoint or Protocol Transformation, duplicate copy of policy was created.

When trying to delete the API Proxy from the Proxy Group API Proxy list page, it is not deleted from API Proxy Group even if the 'Success' result is returned.

APNZ-3310The error "This page is not responding" was received in the Endpoints tab of the Proxy Group screen.
APNZ-3309When trying to add Backend API Auth to Proxy Group, the page was broken.
APNZ-3306Although SQL is tested in the DB-2-API module on the manager screen, an error is received when the API proxy is deployed and the operation is tested via API proxy.

When the API proxy is created with the DB-2-API created in the postgresql type, the connection problem was encountered.


Portal Manager and Analyzer privileges added while editing the user did not work properly.

APNZ-3279Although there are records on Token Requests and Report Generator screens, records after 100 cannot be displayed due to the pagination number restriction.
APNZ-3278The API Proxy filter cannot be selected multiple on the API Proxy Traffic screen.
APNZ-3277Exporting a global policy and trying to import (import) fails, even though the operation is shown as successful.
APNZ-3012The body object remains in the OpenAPI documentation of the REST2SOAP type API Proxy's endpoints with the Get method.