Date of version: May 1, 2021

New Features

Script Connector

Script Connector gives users the ability to use JavaScript and/or Groovy language to perform some specific operations within Actions or Tasks Flows. For detailed information and usage, see the Script Connector page.

Project Full Export

All the entities defined in a Project can be exported for backup or to import and create a new Project with the same settings. For detailed information and usage, see the Project Full Export page.

API Proxy Group

API Proxy Groups enable multiple API Proxies to be managed and deployed as a group, to configure policies and to control access. Access can be made through the URL of the API Proxy Group by disabling the individual URLs of the API Proxies in the API Proxy Group. For detailed information and usage, see the API Proxy Groups page.

Identity Management

It is designed to manage the identities of clients (API Consumers) who can access the API Proxies, and easily create Access Control Lists. For detailed information and usage, see Identity Management page.

Cursor Support for DB-2-API 

Added Cursor support for methods/endpoints using Stored Procedure in DB-2-API module. For detailed information and usage, see DB-2-API page.


It enables the management of issues such as to whom, when, according to which contract/protocol API Proxies are opened, when the contract/protocol will expire, and accordingly, the access to API Proxies will be automatically disabled. For detailed information and usage, see the Contracts/Protocols page.

Important Enhancements and Modifications

  • Credentials in CSV format received and/or prepared from any system can be easily uploaded to the Apinizer identity repository.
  • Added quick search capability via Name and Gateway Address fields when selecting API Proxy in Test Console.
  • Connection Pool structure was established for Elasticsearch and Routing to improve the performance of Worker servers.
  • Added delete phase settings for apinizer-log-ilm-policy -elas lifecyce in Elasticsearch configuration.
  • It is now possible to define the purpose of use of API Proxies and to filter API Proxies opened within and/or outside the institution/company.
  • Added the ability to test API Proxy Groups in the Test Console.

Bug Fixes

Issue NoDescription

Clicking the try button in DB-2-API generates an error and the try button does not work.

APNZ-2011The "enable relative path" field of the project cannot be disabled.
APNZ-2209The old revision should appear when creating the revision.
APNZ-2213Unable to change the name of the test created in the Test Console.
APNZ-2334When API Integration is disabled before server configuration is created, it throws a null error.
APNZ-2352On the Spec API screen, when trying to import Swagger and create Spec, server information does not appear.
APNZ-2372When Circuit Breaker and Client Flow Banner are enabled, some mandatory fields can be left blank.
APNZ-2387While the Integration module is running in production mode, it does not send mail and gives a dependency error.
APNZ-2388For the API Proxy created for a DB-2-API, the parameters of the selected endpoint do not appear in the Test Console.
APNZ-2391Privacy Management throws an error in the API Proxy Settings tab and the list is not loaded.
APNZ-2400If no project is selected, the Connection Management menu appears on the left side of the project menu, although it is not authorized.
APNZ-2410If Total Time and Routing Time are the same in the Response Time graph in analytics, the chart is not correct.
APNZ-2412When "the last 5 minutes" is selected on the Analytical Dashboard, some results are missing in the charts.