Date of version: October 1, 2022

This document contains New Features, Important Enhancements, Modifications and Bug Fixes for version 2022.06.1.

New Features

Data Model

The Data Model is metadata information that describes what type of data is in the message (usually the body part). Globally created models are used when designing the API Spec.

For detailed information, see Design -> Data Models page.

Kubernetes Resource Management

Making general settings for Apinizer Management Platform's Environments, defining Pod Security Context, configuring servers (Management Console, API Integrator and API Portal), restarting and disabling/removing pods, monitoring all pods and accessing their logs and monitoring Kubernetes cluster interface can be managed via Kubernetes Resources page.

For detailed information, see Server Management -> Kubernetes Resources page.

ACL Report

ACL Report is the report page that provides information about which API Proxy users in which organization can access or which API Proxies can be accessed by credentials in which organization. Data such as Routing Address and Data Model of the access information can be filtered and displayed. In addition, the generated report can be output as Excel.

For detailed information, see Reports -> ACL Report page.

ACL Audit Records

ACL Audit Records, API Proxy or API Proxy Group access to the granted or revoked credentials records of transactions are displayed. Information such as operation date, operation type, reason type, valid for which user, valid for which API Proxy/API Proxy Group and method are listed and detailed filtering options are included.

For detailed information, see Auditing -> ACL Audit Records page.

Management APIs

You can easily do many operations like create, parse, reparse, deploy ..etc your API Proxies with the help of Apinizer Management APIs just with basic API calls. Thus, with the help of these APIs you can integrate Apinizer into your DevOps procedures.

For detailed information, see Management API page.

Spec Designer's Interface Renewed

Spec Design Editor allows creating a new API Spec by filling out a form through the interface or importing existing API Spec. This interface has been revised to improve the user experience.

For detailed information, see Design -> Spec Designer page.

Performing Captcha Validation on the Login Page

In order to prevent malicious logins to the Apinizer Management Console, user's login attempt was restricted to a certain number of incorrect logins. If the user will exceed this restriction, captcha validation will be activated and will be required for login operation. If the user will still enter an invalid password, then it will be locked and will no longer be allowed to login to the application until he is unlocked by admin.

For detailed information, see System General Settings page.

To the locked user to log in to the application again, this lock must be removed by the Admin from the Users page.

User Logout on Idle Timeout

In Apinizer Management Console, the user is logged out as a result of not taking action on the application for the specified time.

For detailed information, see System General Settings page.

WS-Security STS Token Policy

With this policy, the need to get Tokens from the Security Token Service of the SOAP type backend web service via Apinizer is eliminated.

For detailed information, see WS-Security STS Token page.

Hiding API Proxy Endpoints

For API Proxies of Rest type, access to whole or part of API Proxy Spec can be restricted. 

See the Settings Tab for API Proxy-based access restriction or the Development Tab for method-based hiding.

Important Enhancements and Modifications

  • All methods of the API Proxy Group in the Swagger UI component are expanded by default, filtering on methods by API Proxy is enabled. API method grouping by API Proxy feature is removed. Alphabetical ordering of API Methods is provided. See.
  • Enter key is activated to add new value to Category list on API Proxy page.
  • Shared Secret information of the key can be changed and generated in API Portal.
  • A time option has been added to the date-based filter field of the page in the Report and Analytics menu.
  • The areas where code is entered on the application pages are resizable.
  • Object ID filter has been added to the Audit Records page. See.
  • Error Handling Type and Condition values have been added to the Connection Settings section of API Proxy's Routing settings.
  • The API Proxy export link is also available from the drop-down menu on the API Proxy listing page.

  • Overview, Settings, Design and Routing tabs have been renewed to improve the user experience on the API Proxy edit page.  See (Overview Tab). See (Settings Tab). See (Design Tab). See (Routing Tab).

  • Overview and Settings tabs have been renewed to improve the user experience on the API Proxy Group edit page. See.
  • Default values are given to body type variable, by its type.
  • When adding a new user, if the Login Type value is LDAP, querying the information from LDAP based on the setting defined on the Apinizer LDAP Login page has been implemented. See.

Bug Fixes

Issue NoDescription


When log level of Gateway Engine Logs changed to DEBUG level from the Application Logs page, MongoDb appender's log was constantly saved to the database.


Saving the tests made in the Test Console gives an error.


Creating a second record with the same Content Type value for a response is not allowed in the Mock API.


When Repetition Type is selected as Multiple, and clicked to "Try It" button, Repetition Type value changes to Single in Db-2-API form.


In Db-2-API, the timeout of the Connection Pool Definition of the Batch or Procedure type SQL statements does not work.


There is no Connection Timeout field in the Connection Configurations of the databases. In addition, the time units in the connection definition are incorrectly selected. (Entered in seconds when it should be milliseconds.)


When importing a WSDL with a SOAP 1.2 method, only the SOAP 1.1 endpoint is used.


The listing on the Users page does not work.


When a new Action is added to the API Integrator task, if there is a Body field in the action, this input field does not appear after the action is registered.


The person with Project Owner authority cannot add new members to the project.


Authentication policy Error Message Customization list does not appear while editing policy.


The case insensitive method search in the Design and Development tab of API Proxy does not work.


When the configuration of the definition of the certificate is tried to be edited, the certificate details are not displayed.


When a new method is added in the Mock API, methods are duplicated.


Variable contents for Original Message Data do not change in API Call policy.


Token requests are not logged when they should be logged in case of errors.


When adding a variable, an error is received when assigning values to the Context Values part.


The namespace appears incorrect in WSA Settings.


Character limit error in description field in API Proxies prevents saving.


When the role added to the Credential is deleted, when a request is sent to the API Proxy with one of the authentication policies added, this is not reflected in the request.


Although there is no active patching on the Scheduled Jobs, its control continues.


Error due to library incompatibility in Ws Security From Target policy.


In the new API Call policy added to the response, the Message Template Operation Type field is not initialized.


WSA settings are not applied for API Proxy with SOAP2Rest protocol transformation applied.


Each time the globally embedded Plain-Text Authentication, Digest, and Base64 policies are opened for editing, the selected fields return to their default values.


When the API Proxy with SOAP2Rest protocol transformation is added to the API Proxy Group, the body variable of the Script policy added to the response appears to be XML.


The Export API Proxy link on the API Proxy page does not work for a user other than Admin and gives an error.


Test Console errors; In Proxy Group List, Relative Path value does not appear only for the active ones. All of the values in the Endpoints field does not appear in the field.


Getting error after deleting method in Mock API.


An error icon is seen on the endpoint created in Development tab of Empty API.


Errors are received when importing WS-Security policy; The Save button is not clickable, the Delete button is not visible, and the Encryption and Signature fields are out of order.


The active method selection appears to be incorrect after processing the methods in the Development tab of the API Proxy page.


It gives a validation error when adding from existing IP Groups to the Allowed IP List policy.

APNZ-3021Variable selected Context Variable values are not saved.


When adding a new endpoint, the field named Use Byte Array type for Compressed Response (by Accept-Encoding value) changes its status and the label remains the same.


In the process of exporting and importing the project, deficiencies were identified.


The parameter added to the query of the DB-2-API added method cannot be used in more than one part of the query.