It is a module that provides the opportunity to control the activity or status of SOAP or REST APIs by timing.

With the Apinizer Monitoring module, you can check whether the responses to the requests you specify are as you want, or whether the number of responses you receive under the conditions you specify exceeds a certain threshold value.

The Monitoring menu, which can be used for various purposes, is as follows:

Among these pages, the Alert page is only for the Admin, and the other two are located both in the Project menu and in the Admin menu.

Although the Uptime Monitor and Anomaly Detector screens in this section and the Uptime Monitor and Anomaly Detector screens under the development menu are structurally the same, the following points should be noted:

  • In the section under the project menu, only the definitions in the project can be processed.
  • in the section under the Admin menu, all definitions can be processed .